InS has a new digital identity model, following the main accessibility recommendations indicated for the web.

The term accessibility means to include people with disabilities in the participation of activities such as the use of products, services and information.

Website accessibility dynamics

At the top of the site there is an accessibility bar where you can find standard navigation shortcuts and the option to change the contrast. These tools are available on all portal pages.

The shortcuts for the InS website are:

By pressing Alt + 1 on any page on the site, you go directly to the beginning of the main content of the page.

Pressing Alt + 2 on any page on the site changes the screen colors to “high contrast”.

By pressing Alt + 3 on any page on the site, you can go directly to this page, which contains the accessibility information.

In the case of Firefox, instead of Alt + number, press Alt + Shift + number simultaneously.

Being Firefox on Mac OS, instead of Alt + Shift + number, press Ctrl + Alt + number simultaneously.

In Opera, the keys are Shift + Escape + number. By just pressing Shift + Escape, the user will find a window with all the ACCESSKEY alternatives of the page.

Buttons to increase and decrease the body text are also available on news pages. This same operation can be performed using: Ctrl + Escape followed by the + sign to increase the textual body or – to decrease the textual body.

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