We understand ourselves as a “network-based organization”, that is why we present the characteristics of an organic and pluricentric system. Our purpose, structure and processes consequently have a non-bureaucratic and non-hierarchical profile. In this sense, our concept of governance meets democratic principles, valuing direct and equitable participation at all levels.

Our governance is designed as a relatively stable horizontal articulation of interdependent institutional actor/actresses. At the same time, we are an operationally autonomous organization.

Decision-making at different levels takes place through negotiation processes that seek to achieve rationality, consensus, deliberation and dialogue, presupposing a commitment to enable mechanisms for preventing and resolving conflicts.

We are subordinate to the oversight required by each and every one of the instituting bodies (EST, IECLB and FLM) and we also count on the audit to which the rendering of accounts of Faculdades EST is submitted, carried out by an independent body. The carrying out of specific audit processes is possible, if thus required by the criteria of cooperation agencies with which we establish partnership relationships.

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