Ethical, theological and epistemological principles

Ethical, theological and epistemological principles


  • Gender justice
  • Interculturality
  • Transgenerationality
  • Transculturality
  • Transparency
  • Network action


  • God’s spirit sustains the church.
  • God calls and holds accountable (mission Dei).
  • Each church is called to the mission of God in its context.
  • Grace commits (oikodomia, oikonomia).
  • Love holds accountable.
  • The gift of faith creates and dynamizes contexts.
  • Spirituality is the foundation of community management.


  • A sustainable organization promotes continuous exchanges with the environment in which it operates.
  • Sustainable organizations generate interdependent relationships.
  • Sustainable organizations create and manage networks.
  • Sustainable organizations promote and maintain fair relationships between genders, generations and ethnicities.
  • Contexts, organizations and their relationships are better understood from the point of view of complexity and the systemic approach.
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